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Group/Crew Programs

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Groups of 5 or more individuals, traveling together for the same purpose, may request a special group appointment. Examples of groups might include a troupe of performers going to tour and perform in the United States, athletic teams, pilots or skilled workers traveling to participate in training, or student groups. When submitting a group appointment request, please be sure to include detailed information about the nature of your travel plans and whether there is a particular day that you would like to schedule your group interview. If there are any particular dates that you prefer for the interview, please make sure to add these in the Reason for Travel field. The Embassy/Consulate might take into consideration those preferred dates when assigning a date and time for your group. If your group has fewer than 5 people, you cannot book a group appointment.

How to Apply

Step 1
The Group Coordinator will request a group appointment using the online appointment system by clicking on the

Schedule Request Header

button. Once the request has been submitted, the Embassy or Consulate will respond via email.

Please do NOT add any group members / dependents before you have received an email saying your group request has received approval from the Embassy or Consulate. You will add the group members / dependents after you have received the email confirmation only. 

Step 2
If the Embassy or Consulate approves the request then the Group Coordinator will receive an email alerting him/her to schedule appointments for each member of the group. The center cannot schedule appointments but agents are able to assist if questions arise. Should the Embassy or Consulate deny the request for a group appointment, the Group Coordinator will be notified of the denial by email and each group member must schedule individual appointments.

Note: The email confirming or denying the group request will come from Some email applications have rules which filter unknown senders into a spam or junk mail folder. If the Group Coordinator has not received the email notification, look for the message in junk and spam email folders.

Step 3
Each group member must pay the visa application fee.

Step 4
Each group member must complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form.

Step 5
Group Coordinator must schedule an appointment using the online appointment system by clicking on the

Schedule Request Header


The group coordinator selects the approved group appointment request corresponding to the correct group, as in the example below:

group approval request example

If the group coordinator frequently schedules group appointments, it is important to select the correct group request.

The GC will need the following information for each group member in order to schedule an appointment:

  • Passport number
  • The MRV fee receipt number  (Click here if you need help finding this number.)
  • The ten (10) digit barcode number from their DS-160 confirmation page
  • Passport issuance date and Passport Expiration Date

Note: Make sure the “include in the group appointment” box is left unmarked if you are not applying for a visa.

Step 6
Each group member must visit the U.S. Embassy or Consulate on the date and time of the visa interview.

Note: The Group Coordinator/crew agency can perform steps 1, 2, 3, and 5 for group members.

Note: If you have additional questions on group scheduling, please visit  Tutorial for Scheduling Group Appointments for more detailed instructions.